Free 1 Day Courses

Free 1 Day Revision Kick Start Courses For OSPRE Part 1 & NIE Candidates

Our free 1 day courses are now delivered online via a playlist of advance e-learning materials and an online ZOOM live session.

The ZOOM live session runs from 9:30am - 12pm and involves study tip lectures on key topics that apply to both the OSPRE Part 1 and NIE syllabuses.

The advance materials can be accessed by clicking the "Free 1 Day Course Advance Materials" link on the NPPF and NIE pages of our website.

Register for the ZOOM live session of your choice below.

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Free 1 day course dates for OSPRE Part 1 and NIE candidates

Area Select Venue Venue Date Time Spaces on Course Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEFULLZOOM28-05-202009.30 - 12.00hrsFULLMap
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSE FULLZOOM29-05-202009.30 - 12.00hrsFULLMap
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM04-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs26Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM05-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs46Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM09-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs74Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM11-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs79Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM16-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs70Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM18-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs81Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM19-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs86Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM23-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs83Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM25-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs89Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM26-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs80Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM30-06-202009.30 - 12.00hrs84Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM02-07-202009.30 - 12.00hrs81Map
ZOOM VIRTUAL COURSEZOOM03-07-202009.30 - 12.00hrs7Map

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